"One More Ride"

Maurice Motorcycle Hearse Llc                Funeral Procession Service

Maurice Motorcycle Hearse LLC
Stowe, Pennsylvania

Phone: 610-613-5125
Email * mauricemchearse@live.com
Web Site * mauricemotorcyclehearse.com

What We Offer

Maurice Motorcycle Hearse LLC understands the desire to honor a loved one with “One More Ride” to his or her final resting place. 

About Our Service

Personalizing Hearse

  • Hearse can be draped with a flag American, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, POW MIA
  • Personal items (photos, riding gear) can be displayed inside the Hearse
  • Music can be played from an electronic file, ipod, or cd
  • Hearse is adaptable to an Urn

Additional services

  • Motorcycle Funeral Procession Service
  • Use of audio system after the funeral 

Our mission is to provide an honorable and memorable funeral procession for your loved ones, especially first responders, military veterans, and the avid motorcyclist.