Our mission is to provide an honorable and memorable funeral procession for your loved ones, especially first responders, military veterans, and the avid motorcyclist. 

Maurice Motorcycle Hearse Llc                Funeral Procession Service

Maurice Motorcycle Hearse LLC
Stowe, Pennsylvania

Phone: 610-613-5125
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Web Site * mauricemotorcyclehearse.com

Maurice Motorcycle Hearse LLC was conceived because of my love of the Christian religion, the United States of America, our Veterans and First Responders, and my passion for riding motorcycles.

At the age of six, I learned to ride on a 50cc Yamaha; which was a challenge because my feet didn't even touch the ground. When I was twelve, my mother bought me my first motorcycle, a 1971 Harley Davidson, and I’m still riding a Harley.

Helping those in need is my greatest passion. I love participating in motorcycle events to help raise money for charitable organizations. Most people that ride are very dedicated to these events.

I respect my fellow bikers for all the good that they do. Bikers honor their fallen brothers and sisters by riding their motorcycles in funeral processions, and this is why I built a motorcycle hearse to honor my fallen brothers and sisters with “One More Ride.”

I started designing my motorcycle hearse in October of 2009 then spent a year in the manufacturing process. I wanted to make it look good so that the hearse could be personalized to represent the deceased. Since many bikers are police officers, firemen and women, or military veterans, I constructed the body so that an appropriate flag could be fastened to the roof of the hearse. And because bikers like music, I installed an audio system with 1,000 watts of power that can play music either from a CD or an electronic file.

The Motorcycle Hearse is powered by a 2010 Harley Davidson FLHXXX Street Glide Trike.

The name Maurice Motorcycle Hearse came from my grandfather, Maurice, and my mother, Mauricelene. 

"One More Ride"